Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thumb up for Britney Spears

France, lunch time

I would have never imagined to write a blog entry about Britney Spears again (I think I already mentioned her once), but here I am. And the reason why I am writing again about her is because I am incredibly happy for her success at the MTV awards. I don't like her songs and I am not one of her fans, but I am glad that somewhere she found the strength to put herself together again and make a come back. I hope that this is just the beginning of a new life for her.

It is boosting when you see someone going from hell to the stars again. It makes me thinking that everything is possible (sure I know, I am a bit naive). The media killed her, her mother used her to get more money, like if Britney was a commercial product (which I am sure for a lot of people is), everywhere the paparazzi where just waiting for another crazy thing that she could do.

Instead, she lost weight, she wore a nice silver dress and she got 3 prizes at the MTV awards. Thumb up for her. I really hope that she can put the past bad years in her life archive and she can move on with more self-confidence and the ability to distinguish friends and people who believe in her from people who just want to use her.

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