Friday, September 12, 2008

SJP and feet

France, night

I am watching Sex and the City, one of the old episodes. I just saw that Sarah Jessica Parker has quite horrible feet, with the big toes completely bended on the inside of each foot.

I still love Sex and the City anyway.


Piccola said...

I just found your blog through another blog. Nice blog. I love that you post your true day to day feelings and thoughts.
I love Sex and the City too. I have the whole collection of DVD's and on cold rainy days, I make some popcorn and have a marathon of Sex and the City in my pajamas.

I agree with you about the "sweetie", "honey" thing and I am American. It reminds me of a waitress at some cheap diner in the South, chewing gum.

With regards to long distance relationships, they can work but you have to want to make it work. I myself am involved in one and it is definitely hard and not really something I imagined myself doing...ever, but here I am! (Don't ask me how we met, (since I read your blog), you don't want to know!! haha! He's Italian..he's a good boy though.) We are making it work and next year we are going to get married.

I too have a foot fetish. Everywhere I go I look at peoples feet. I hate it when people let their feet get all crusty! YUK!! You are not alone; I take pictures of my feet too...haha! I love getting pedicures.

I also play tennis. It's my favorite pastime. I haven't played in some time though, due to injuries but I am getting back in shape and hoping to hit the courts again soon.

I'm glad I found your blog and I look forward to reading more.

Ciao e a presto!


fromtheworld said...

are you by any chance my secret twin sister? Cool that you left a message on my blog! I am happy that you are living a good distance relationship. I think I am just too insecure and cynical to be able to have one. But who knows, with the right person, everything could work! Are you going to marry in Italy or in the USA?

Piccola said...

I may just be your secret twin sister!! haha!

We are going to have a small wedding here in the States first, then maybe a year later (once we have saved up enough money) we will have a BIG church wedding in Milano. He has a big and very Catholic family, so it's almost mandatory.

I read your posts about your cooking skills and it made me laugh! haha! I really don't like to cook either and my Mom and sister are excellent cooks (yet another thing we have in common, sistergirl!! haha!). I have ruined some really simple things and some things I have made are delicious, but it's just really something I don't have a preference for doing. Lucky for me Ale likes to cook and he is good at it. He was teaching me when he was here and it's really not that hard, but, it just never comes out like his. I like to bake, but even that I rarely do. But I do love to eat and so does Ale. This can be dangerous so I have to be careful!

fromtheworld said...

lucky girl! A man who cokes for you. Well spotted! Two weddings sound nice. Hope that you can also have two honey moon, two wedding cakes, two parties. And a lot of happiness in between and after!