Friday, September 12, 2008

September 11

France, morning

I know that it is not September 11 today. But I can't avoid to write what this date reminds me (and I think to a lot of people too) of. What happened on September 11 to the Twin Towers in New York is something that should never have happened. It is something that shows what religious hate can provoke. It is something that could have come out of a Hollywood movie instead of just being the cruel reality.

I don't know how someone can go that far for hate of what is different for revenge against something that is not the way you think it should be. September 11 was something shocking. It is something I wish I would have never have to witness in my life. It is something that changed the world and not for the best.

This is what hate for diversity can generate. And it goes beyond my worst imagination.

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