Monday, September 8, 2008

Sorry, are you lesbian?

France, evening

On the way back home from the gym, I saw these two girls about my age walking hand by hand. They were probably lesbians or playing lesbians more probably, since here being gay is extremely fashionable. So, I started to think about the fact that apparently lesbians like me. I always heard that gay recognize each other, so they can see if you are straight or gay.

Well, then all the three times that I have been approached by a lesbian, I have to think that they were not really good in spotting gays. One thing is sure about me. I can be a mess in fact of relationships, but women do not attract me at all. I even thought that maybe, since I seem to have a certain kind of success with other women, I was one of these gay who doesn't want to admit it to herself. But not. Really not. I like men too much. Manly men. I have to say that probably at least two of these three people were not too convinced about their being just lesbian and so they were probably more bisex, since I know that they also had men in their lives.

The first time that a woman showed me her interest, beside being totally shocked, I didn't minimally realized that it was happening for real. When I realized that she was serious, I got completely paranoid and I started to think that maybe I was lesbian without knowing it (my boyfriend was really happy about this consideration). But no, I was and I am not. Then I thought that since we were all playing tennis together and since all the other women were lesbians, she may have just assumed that everyone in our team was lesbian and so me too. Beside, there are a lot of lesbians playing tennis (in the picture, the great Martina Navratilova). What is about lesbians and tennis?

After a while I forgot about this, since it happened again. This time in Germany and this time the person explained to me that she knew I was straight and that lesbians may like me because I look feminine (I think she was a bit blind...)...The third time happened in the USA. I was out dancing with friends. And when I dance, I am in another world. My own paradise, so everything can happen next to me without me noticing it. I noticed although the smiling faces of my two friends who were trying to suggest me to look behind my shoulders. When I slightly turned my head, I saw a girl dancing close to me, but so close that I would probably dance like that only with my boyfriend (even if in USA dancing on top of the other or squeezing to each other is really popular). How I didn't realize that she was so close before, I don't know. When I looked at her, she turned completely red and she ran away, with a big disappointment of one of my friend who was imagining who knows what. Basically, in two out of the three countries where I have been living for longer than 6 months, I have been approached by a lesbian.

I am curious to see if it is going to happen here too.
But anyway, me feminine? nah......


Mariafer said...

Hi, tante grazie for stopping by. I have an addiction to Sex and the city!!! Speaking of lesbians have you seen the episode in wich Charlotte start frequenting this lesbians group...or when Samantha becomes a lesbian because she's tired of mens...

fromtheworld said...

Just speaking about addictions...I saw the episode of Charlotte just the other day. I was looking old episodes of Sex and the City and yes, I remember the one of Samantha.