Saturday, September 13, 2008

Food and a movie

France, night

My plan was to get some not-to-greasy wok food from a wok place near by and eat it in front of my computer watching a movie. My almost cousin here gave me one of his dvd telling me that a) it was incredibly funny b) it was not violent. I am sure that for most people this movie is funny and not violent. According to the movie database this movie is really good. According to me, beside the beautiful British accent, it was so annoying that I had to stop to watch it to avoid to fall asleep in front of my computer.

I think I will read a book now.
The title of the movie is Lock, stock & two smoking barrels. I am sure that I don't have enough movie culture to understand it. But what can I say? I watch movies to enjoy them, if I have to fall asleep, then there is no point. Right?

PS. the food was good!

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