Monday, February 22, 2010

Save me from my neighbours!!!

France, evening

I spent the day (I am actually spending my weeks more than just a day) working on a presentation for a job interview....and the idea of risking to have another night without sleep makes me very anxious.

My neighbours must have a crazy life-style, totally incomprehensible to me, considering that when they have a party, they normally start not before 2.30-3am in the morning. What they do till then is unknown to me....I still can't get how someone can decide to have a party from 2.30-3am to 7-8 in the morning. Beside, they normally have the parties during the week, which means either they work on night shifts and not when they have the parties or they don't work at all....considering the French unemployment system, it seems the most probable explanation. However, I already wrote many times about having noisy neighbours. At least here, and here.

So, now I just read that if you use latex walls, this reduces a lot the noise coming from outside your apartment....should I call my landlady and propose it to her??? I don't think that she would be willing to take the walls of the apartment (and of course of the building too) down to just make me happy....I guess I have to find a way to just make my neighbours totally harmless....any suggestion on how to do that is very, very well appreciated!!!


Anonymous said...

wow, noisy neighbors, that's a hard one. it's incredible the hours that they are noisy. too bad because it is inconsiderate.

sorry, i've no helpful suggestions. i had a roommate once who slept with ear plugs. she said they were incredibly helpful. i tried it but they hurt my ears. i guess it depends on the person, maybe too the quality of the earplugs.

good luck finding a solution. and good luck with your presentation, i hope it goes well.

i'm caught up now on your posts:) it's a pleasure to visit your blog.

have a nice week!!

fromtheworld said...

I have been using ear plugs!!! I always use them, I wake up very, they don't help of the past nights I got so frustrated that I started hammering the wall between my apartment and the one of the neighbours...they stopped....but I can't keep hammering the wall every time...
Have a good week too!!!