Monday, February 1, 2010

First day of school

France, morning

I can't remember how I felt the first day of school. For sure I was not too happy and for sure I was a bit least.
I feel the same today. It is not my first day of school, of course, but it is my first day under a new contract and a new boss. Why is this that different from the past? Because until today I always had a very precious thing characterizing my work: INDEPENDENCE! which I love.

Independence to work on what I like, on a project that I wrote and thought and for which I found the money. Now, I will be working on something someone else designed, about which I know nothing and he will pay me for that. Of course, it is in some way less stressful, but I value independence a lot and I consider it one of the best parts of my work. It doesn't matter how much I have to work (well, lately it matters more to me), if it is me to decide. Until now, I liked to sleep in in the morning to get to work not before 10- 10.30am. None had anything to say. This morning I had to put an alarm to get there at a decent time.....I hate alarms.

Of course, most people have a normal job, with a normal daily schedule, for which they get paid by someone else. But my work, until now, has been different and I feel this as a big change. I really hope to like what I will work on. My future, actually current, boss fortunately seems very very good and very very nice.

My mom told me that on my first day of school, my father walked with me to the I am alone, but still quite nervous :-(

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