Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dancing routine

France, morning

I love the week end. I especially love it because I can indulge in doing absolutely only what I feel like according to my own time.
This includes, almost every saturday and sunday, a bit of dancing/jumping around. I am 100% sure that the old guy who lives in front of me finds this habit very amusing, considering that from his windows he can easily watch into my apartment and that I am jumping around looking totally crazy and shaking my butt as much as I can. I am not sure that it works well as a workout, but for sure it makes my heart going like crazy and it makes my mood, whatever it is, improving a lot.

Lately my jumping/dancing play list includes:

- B. Spears- womanizer 3:44 minutes
- Madonna- celebration 3:35 minutes
- Ke$ha- Tik Tok 3:20 minutes
- Shakira- La Tortura 3:12 minutes
- Dr. Dre & Snoop- still D. R. E. 4:35 minutes
- Editors- Papillon 5:24 minutes

after that shower and I am ready to go out and face the world! Try it, there are no rules, just move and shake well. If you know any other good tune that would work well, let me know!


Anonymous said...

so funny, i mentioned that i too have been dancing in the morning. i got the idea because i saw a dvd advertisement to workout to disco music. i thought i don't have to buy a dvd, i can just dance.

it's really true, it feels really good!!

i also saw an interview about the 'pursuit of happiness.' one of the panelists talked about exercise and the positive effect movement has on the brain.

keep it up. it's so good for the brain and body.


fromtheworld said...

I 100% support the idea that exercising has good effects on the mood and on the brain. If I don't exercise regularly (as it has been in the past months because of too much traveling), I feel blue much easily and I have too much energy that doesn't make me sleep well ect. Highly energetic moves are the best for me, like running and dancing like crazy.

Too bad that during the week I always wake up so late, that I don't have time to jump around :-(