Sunday, February 21, 2010

This could explain something about me.....

France, morning

A few days ago I saw the movie Gladiator.

Parenthesis (Russell Crowe seems to have been born to play that role in the movie!!!).

While watching the movie I was thinking "wow, I am a descendant of the Romans...they have conquered half of the world. They were such an amazing culture". I a few words, I felt very proud of that...

Anyone who get to know a bit more about me, always wonder if I am 100% Italian, as I have some feature more typical of Asian people than of Italians, such as intolerance to alcohol (which makes me very sick) and allergy to cow milk products. One of my grandfather traced our roots back and even if it is true that apparently ages ago, one branch of my family lived in Venice (and so could have had some contact with Asian people thanks to the trips of Marco Polo), there was not clear explaination of where I got these considered not-Italian features from.

And then this morning I was just listening to a scientific podcast, like every sunday, when I heard the news that they found remaining of ancient Asian living during the Roman Empire in Italy........I can't help....I know that it may sound a bit weird, but anything to do with my ancestor and from where I come from, fascinated me I like to speculate about it :-)


Anonymous said...

it really is amazing how what we look like can tell something about our heritage.

you would know better than me, as a scientist, is it possible to do a kind of dna test to find out if you have asian heritage? maybe it doesn't interest you so much to go as far as a test. but it's curious...

i simply adore the gladiator movie. when it comes on t.v. unfortunately i watch it over and over (wasting time:).

i've a very good friend who lives in nyc, he is from rome. i very often get to hear about roman history and the empire. it's a privilege for me to learn these things.


fromtheworld said...

Imagine that I never wanted to watch the Gladiator. I thought that it would have been something like Troy, which I didn't like that much...Fortunately I saw it, because I liked it a lot!!!

I do that too, of watching movies over and over till I get sick of watching them :-)

I could check my DNA...but I wouldn't go that far for curiosity :-) but I did think about it sometimes :-)

Me too I love to hear people telling me stories about their cultures and ancestors. I love it!