Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A good day

France, evening

I have to say that when a lot of good things or nice news happen all at once, I can't believe that any of them happened for real.

I am just not used to have many good news, and two in a day certainly make it a big day. I am incredibly tired. I guess that feeling relieved that I can cross out some things from my "still in the process or to do list" resulted in me crashing a bit right now. It is only 7pm and I feel I could go straight to bed.....which I think I will do very soon.

My good news are all work news, something I was dealing with since either some years or some months. And I have to say that in the last months I had many good work news, after years of struggling and incredible misery. Nothing that would change my life, but some little good news that certainly improved my mood.

Today, when I got the first news, I was so happy that I even started dancing and jumping in the office, for the amusement of my office colleague. I couldn't restrain myself from being incredibly happy.


Anonymous said...

congratulations on your good news! when i first read your blog i remember when you were writing about your struggle to find work and also worrying about money.

i could see how you did not give up, you kept trying. this inspires me as i am 'kind of' in a similiar situation. i am looking to find better work with more pay. my problem has been finding self confidence.

after some time i am getting stronger (thankfully!). but your past struggles help me to see how people have difficult times but if you try hard that can change.

your good news for work is even more inspiring. enjoy!!


fromtheworld said...

I see so many people struggling to be able to do what they like and at the same time trying to be paid to do what they like. In these times especially, everything is more complicated.

I wish you good luck with finding what would make you happy. And if some day you will feel discouraged, push yourself to think that you will succeed.