Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is it really green what looks green?

France, evening

I just took a look at a cool graph published on the NewScientist on how "green" companies that we think as more or less "green" (in terms of good for the environment) actually, if you live in the USA, you can really make a better choice when you buy something, if you want to support the "green economy"

PS. I have so much work to do in these weeks that I didn't have time to keep reading the book I started on greener economy.


Anonymous said...

one big thing about the u.s. is that it is a country about making money. i noticed some years ago, that unfortunately many companies prefer to have an image of being 'green' rather than being positively green, so they can be more profitable. i try to see what is genuinely good for the enviornment, and what is image. they try to trick you. i care because i want, as best i can, to not cause harm.

nice idea that you share to help people be more aware.


fromtheworld said...

I love this kind of science and scientific research, as it can really make an impact on people's life and help us to live better!