Sunday, May 29, 2011

so stinky

I may have finally found a deodorant that works. Maybe.
The thing is: I don't want to buy nor to use cosmetic products that contain animal products and are tested on animals. I am strongly STRONGLY against that. I even recently discovered that tooth paste is tested on animals. Is it really that necessary? I think that animal testing is such a cruel thing, especially when it is for cosmetic purposes. So, if I can find a product that has not been tested on animals, I will go for it. The problem with this is that I live in France, not in the USA. And in France, I don't even live in Paris or Bordeaux, where I guess you could find whatever you want. No, I am in the South of France, where things that in the USA you could easily find next door (at least to my experience), here would take you days of exploration just to maybe find only one brand of what you are looking for (therefore, you better like it or give up on your principles).

In any case, I love The Body Shops because one of their philosophies is to be against animal testing. And there is a Body Shop here. So, I got this deodorant there. The name was very promising. The nice smell too. I didn't read the review on it before buying....come on, it is just a deodorant. I even got two of them (very smart of me, I admit!). Basically, as soon as it started to be a bit hotter outside and I started to sweat a little on my way to work, by the time I started my working day, I was nicely stinking more than a skunk....of course, to my deepest embarrassment. I didn't think that it may have something to do with the deodorant. I mean, it smells so nice when you open it. I thought that it may have been because I switched the type of vitamins I am taking. Stopped that for a while and still my armpits were smelling like nothing you would like to be close too. I tried different options with no success.....till the other day, almost by chance, I read the review on this deodorant....apparently I am not the only one to have had the stinky experience.
So, yesterday I have visited a few shops here which have natural and bio-products hoping to find something with written on that the product was not tested on animals. I couldn't find anything. I love the vegan (and not tested on animals) brand yes to carrots ...why couldn't they make deodorants too??? I ended up at the Body Shop again and I got another one (this time before buying anything there I checked the review on the product).....I biked in the sun today and I didn't smell bad.....have I maybe found the one?????

PS. I am reading the Bill Bryson's book Down Under and I love it. But more than that, I am even learning a lot of new (meaning, unknown to me till now) English words.....but I can't find what "dozy" translated to in Italian or what it means.....I even have an American slang dictionary and I couldn't find it in the book it is written "what a dozy bugger you are". I found the meaning of bugger....but no idea about the meaning of the word dozy.

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fromtheworld said...

I found another "the one"! It is even better. It is from the Erbolario ( and it is a perfect deodorant in cream. It has a subtle nice smell. It is not tested on animals, it contains natural ingredients and it is ITALIAN!!!!