Saturday, May 28, 2011

The beauty of this world (and beyond that)

I love week ends. Week ends can be quite tough if you are alone, no boyfriend, no plans with some friends. But I love them. Today is sunny, but with a light breeze. I went to get a baguette for breakfast and I think I just had the perfect morning start.
My perfect saturday morning start includes having breakfast while listening to the Nature or Science podcast. I always feel privileged by being a scientist. It is very frustrating sometimes, very often, especially in this economy and for how the world set its priorities. But I do think that I am privileged. It may sounds a bit like an opening from The Big Bang Theory Tv show, but I do think that as scientists we are able to grasp and appreciate life as full in a way that other people don't or can't. Since school, I always thought that physics was fascinating. I mean, look around yourself, to all the natural (but also technical) beauties and phenomena that you see every day. A sunset, the wind, a thunderstorm, even deadly things, such a earthquake. For me all these events are just magnificent. I still get impressed by TV and internet and phones. And these are technological things which have been built on physical proprieties of matter. Just thinking of all started, with the Big Bang, makes me feel so lucky to just be here and being able to see all this.

I wish that more people would be able to grasp the beauty of all this, because there is an entire Universe out there in which we are just a small piece of the big puzzle.

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