Thursday, May 26, 2011

The mysteries of technology

First. Because I am in France, everything must be in French. I tried to set my internet browser to ENGLISH and as soon as I close it, restarts in French....or it restarts in English as a main page while all the rest remains in is like watching an English movie with French subtitles to me....very annoying.

Second. Mysteries of technology. Since yesterday my Firefox internet browser wouldn't let me access my blog. I could access Gmail, the readers, everything else, except the blog. I thought that it was a momentary problem...but it is still not solved. However, I can access the blog by using any other browser (of course, otherwise I wouldn't be here posting). Sometimes Firefox stops liking my favorite sites and doesn't let me access them anymore.....Why that? no idea......fortunately, I have installed any sort of internet browser on my computer, so that I can use one or the other depending on my mood and needs....of course, Firefox is my favorite....but sometimes it drives me crazy (like in any respectable and hate are often going together).

Last. I should be at work already, but since here it is already more than 30 degrees (and it is only May) and since last night I worked till 1 am, I guess that I can arrive a bit later today (even later than the time at which I normally get to work....which is already quite idea how I could have a job from 8am -or even 9am- to 5pm.....I mean, with a normal schedule)...

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