Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thanks God I am not on facebook

Yesterday. On my way to go food shopping, I met one of the guys who was always flirting with me at the laundry place. I acknowledged his presence by saying hi to him. Nothing more. Just hi. From then on it was all about trying to convince me to sit at a cafe' with him to chat a bit.

I know him. I have been talking to him a few times in the past months, always at the laundry place where I go, before he had some trouble with the owner of the place and he disappeared. So, it was some months I didn't see him. I didn't miss him. I could easily go on with my life without seeing him ever again. But since I met him yesterday, I thought that it was polite to say hi, instead of just walking by. MISTAKE!!! I have beautiful eyes, sit down with me to drink something, chat with me.......etc, etc....fortunately, I had the excuse that I needed to do my food shopping before the shop would close. And then before leaving, he asked me if I had a facebook account "so that we could be in touch"......

I am not sure which part of my subtle insights he didn't understand about not having absolutely any intention to stay in touch. Maybe my insights were too subtle. In any case, I am glad that I don't have a facebook account. So, I didn't even need to lie, which I hate and I am not good at. Sorry, no facebook for me. I am actually quite against it (and even more lately, as it caused me a reason to get very upset at my last now ex-boyfriend). He tried to convince me on how good it is to have a facebook account to be up-to-date on what it is going on in the life of people we know. He didn't occur to him that the people I want in my life or that I want to be informed about my life, they are actually in my life and update on what it is going on without me being on facebook. If I don't have an account is exactly to avoid to have "whatever" person who means absolutely nothing to me among my facebook friends.

One of the few good things of always moving around is that at the stage of getting ready to move to another country, I always have to go trough a cleaning process. Selecting clothes, books, things that will make it to the next stage and I will bring with me, and things that will be left behind. The same goes for the people I meet in every place. Some are acquaintances, people I have met during my life but who didn't mean anything to me on the long term (and in some case even on the short). Not negative people, people with whom I may even have shared nights out or fun, but that just didn't add anything to me or my life. These people will be left behind, without a further thought. He will be for sure one of them and I am very happy for this reason to not have a facebook account, so I can easily avoid the feeling of having to refuse a facebook friendship from some of these people.

I am in the mentally "cleaning" process that preludes my next moving to a new country and starting my life over again (or a new life anyway). I have to say that beside all the negative aspects of moving all the time all over the places, this cleaning process is something that I love to be forced to go trough as it allows me to think about what and whom matter to me and gives me an incredible sense of freedom to be able to actually chose what and whom I want in my life. Otherwise, I think that if I wouldn't be forced to go trough this "cleaning" process, I would just keep going on without actually stopping to think if what I have in my life and the people I find myself sharing my life with (friends, acquaintances, maybe a boyfriend) are truly the people and the things I want in my life.

So, gladly I don't have facebook and the people I want in my life know how to find me and know about me anyway, no matter where I am in the world.

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