Sunday, March 21, 2010

a nice sunday

France, afternoon

It is sunday and I am at home working. But it ok. I am actually doing something relaxing. And I went running today. I should get running into my routine. I ran only 16 minutes today. So, I could basically squeeze 20 minutes of run in my every day schedule, as it doesn't take so long and I could just get ready in a few minutes, leave my place and run. Not big preparation necessary.

I can't run every day, as my back would give me hard time. But I could try to run at least two times at week....but when I come back home from work, all what I want is to collapse on my couch and remain in a vegetative stay for a while. Of course, after that I don't feel for sure like running. And there is no way that I could wake up earlier in the morning to run before work. It is already hard for me to get up at 8am to get to work at a decent time (10 am) way that I could fit running in.

So, I should run every sunday and once a week. That would already do something. I mean, I move, I walk a lot, rollerblading when I can, doing yoga sometimes, but nothing regular...and for my mood (and the safety of my co-workers and my friends) I strongly need to exercise regularly, otherwise I have too much energy that I risk to release in not good ways.

Anyway, after running I got back home, showered and had a very good lunch. A friend of mine made some hummus for the evening together I had on friday and she left the left-over here. I had it today on bread with some avocado. So good!!!!!

Now a bit more work and then I will go to watch a movie with some friends.

PS. I put a picture of Gary Oldman here, a very sexy man, because today is his birthday.

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