Monday, July 11, 2011

Two more days

Two more days and my year of waiting will come to an end. The last Harry Potter movie is coming out this Wednesday and I am really looking forward to that!
I am planning to go to watch the movie alone, as I don't have any friend who is so crazy as me about Harry Potter and I deeply want to enjoy it. I am also hoping to find a shop where I can rent some Harry Potter's stuff to wear it on Wednesday. I may even go to work in a Harry Potter look if I find something.

I know that this passion of mine sounds very childish, but I absolutely don't care at all and I am extremely excited and I am strongly looking forward to this new movie (unfortunately maybe the last one, if no more books will come out.... :-( ).

PS. I really enjoyed the last Harry Potter's movie. I will go to watch it again very soon, I think. The movie also broke the box office record in the USA.

PPS. It is very in Montpellier, it was not a big thing at all this Harry Potter last movie. I went to the movie theater very early to make sure to get tickets and there was NOBODY! I was very surprised. Nobody was dressed or anything. I felt a bit of a nut-case here....but I then saw that around the world the movie has been received as I would have expected.


Portlandier said...

I hope you enjoy it- after I am finished watching True Blood and reading the books I am going to start watching/reading the Harry Potter series.

PS. This is the former Miss B in California. I am rejoining the blogging world with a new blog. Missed your posts!

fromtheworld said...

welcome back! I am happy to read some news from you!