Sunday, July 10, 2011

Los Angeles: here I come!

I had a very weird dream last night. Not a bad one. Just weird. It must have something to do with my travel planning for the month of October. I would like to go traveling around in Chile for 3-4 father already told me if I am crazy and that it doesn't sound a good idea.....(why not???)....

Anyway, the dream.
I was on a plane and I landed in Los Angeles. But in a weird Los Angeles. I have never been there, so it could also be that the "real" Los Angeles resembles the one of my dream. But I doubt it. The airport was in the middle of nowhere and it was night and there were only a few people and only one helping desk. And my destination was not Los Angeles, but Philadelphia. And I didn't know why I was actually in Los Angeles, when clearly I should have been somewhere else. And then I looked at my tickets while I was talking to the woman at the helping desk and on the ticket there were many different destinations, so she couldn't help me. I basically had to buy another ticket. I was supposed to go to Philadelphia for work, to go to a museum (is there even a Natural History Museum in Philadelphia?). While I was trying to buy the ticket, someone put a cheap bomb in the airport. We had all (the few people there) go out and then in again. But while I was out, I got totally depressed seeing the scenario around the airport. Only dark and tracks driving around, nothing appealing on the horizon. I woke up totally frustrated that I wanted to go to Philadelphia and I was stuck in Los Angeles in a very unappealing place.

What does this means????

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