Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pizza, mandolino e mafia

This is the definition that a friend of mine gives of what represents Italy in the eyes of a foreigner. I think that he doesn't go too far from the truth.....

Last night I was out with a good friend of mine from Spain and we met some people I know here and some others. Before going on, I have to say that my patience in general can be quite limited, that I badly stand people who do not use their head to think and talk by using pre-made sentences, and that in general I am a very demanding person (read "pain in the butt"). This often ends up with me being very bored very quickly after meeting someone new. I love to listen to what people have to say and I love meeting new people. But if these do no result interesting according to my standards, my attention starts to drift away pretty soon and I get bored. Anyway, last night overall was not bad, especially because my friend from Spain is a very good company and for sure he is someone with whom I don't get bored. But then I met a girl from the USA and we were talking a bit and I was telling them as the best pizza I have ever eaten was in New Haven, in the USA. Soon enough from pizza we ended up to talk about the pizza from Naples and then the boyfriend of this girl made a very stupid comment about Naples and Italian mafia. Gosh, I can't express enough how much I HATE with all myself, very deep down, when people feel the need of making stupid comments about Italian mafia, especially when totally out of place.

I am very proud of being Italian. Despite the things that I don't like of my own country. Despite Berlusconi. Despite the very much needed improvement that the country should invest in doing. Despite many things. I am proud of being Italian and from Tuscany because I love the natural beauties of my country. The sea, the mountains, the forests. I love the architecture and the monuments of many cities. I love the diversity that we have from region to region and sometimes even from city to city in terms of food and traditions. I love the sense of family that we generally have so strong. I love the colors of our flag. I love the we were the home of the Roman Empire. I love the many old historical cities. I love that Italy gave birth to Leonardo, and Michelangelo, and Fermi, and Marconi, and Dante, and Manzoni, and Pirandello, and Calvino, and Puccini, and Verdi, and Armani, and Piano among many others. I can you just think about mafia when you think about Italy???

It makes me very sad and angry when someone tries to be funny making a joke about mafia as if it was all what Italy is known for abroad!

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