Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Terrifying unfolding events

It is terrifying to see how the situation is unfolding in Japan. Every day there are more terrible news coming from there.
The situation at the nuclear power plants is just a more terrible development of all what already happened there so far. I can't imagine how it feels to live minute by minute with the nightmare of an explosion of the reactors at the nuclear power plant. I believe that they are doing anything possible there to try to solve the situation. However, this so far seems to not be enough. And people have to leave their houses for who knows how long. Moving away to try to avoid possible contamination. I think of the people working at the nuclear power plant now, trying to avoid a further disaster, while they have already being contaminated.

And while Europe is revising the security measures at the nuclear power plants on the territory, Italy keeps wanting to go on and build new nuclear power plants. Again, it may never happen, but if a disaster happens at a nuclear power plant, the consequences not only are terrible at a large distance for everyone, but also for long time, as the radiation will be deposited in the ground, in the water...and how long does it take to the radioactive material to lose its radioactivity? I keep writing about this topic, because I am very strongly against it. Because for me, the risks of a serious accident at a nuclear power plant, cannot justify in my mind any reason to build one.
And next to what and to whom will they build these nuclear power plants in Italy? people complained about how ugly are the eolian windmill and that none wanted them on the Appenins because they would ruin the landscape. What about a nuclear power plant? have you ever seen one? I saw one here in France and it is so ugly and scary and it stands there, next to houses, where people live every day.....which is fine, until something happens.
And not only this. In Italy we can't even find a way to dispose of normal trash....where are we going to put the radioactive waste produced by the nuclear power plants? dump it in the sea? bury it under someone else house? it wouldn't be the first time that toxic material get disposed in this way in Italy.
And the fact that countries around us have nuclear power plants is not a justification for me to have it in Italy too. Sorry, but I trust Swiss and German people more than Italian. There is so much corruption in Italy, that I wouldn't trust that things are done in a good and proper way, with all the necessary security measures.
Another thing. True, nuclear power plants produce a lot of energy. First, it wouldn't be bad for the environment if we would all learn how to save energy. Second, a nuclear power plant produces much more energy than any alternative energy source could. But it also costs a lot of energy to work. Let's not forget this too. A lot of the produced energy is necessary to maintain the correct functioning of the nuclear power plant itself.
Furthermore, Italy do not invest in any kind of scientific research anymore since ages. It especially does not invest in alternative energy sources. So, looking for quick and dirty solution is the way to go there.
Finally. We have so much need of a restart of the economy....why investing now in building nuclear power plants that may be ready in 20 years when the same money (or even less, even half of it) could be used for something else to benefit the country now?

The best part has been that I have read that one of our minister declared that Italy is not a country with earthquake risks. First, this minister should give a look at the position of the tectonic plates. Second, maybe he forgot about the terrible earthquake that destroyed some cities in Abruzzo about two years ago.....or didn't he (or she I can't remember) know that the Abruzzo is in Italy?


girl dreaming said...

Thank you for writing about this. It is awful what is happening in Japan. And how to help the people in this devastation?

I am learning a lot from this post and your previous post. I don't like watching the news here because always always always they focus on negativity. When something important like what has happened in Japan deserves a sincere reporting with integrity I have no faith in the news. But your words here have helped me to understand more as I know very little about all that is involved. I'll read the bbc article and look for intelligent ways to educate myself.

It's important if we are to live in a more healthy and safe enviornment, and very importantly to see what we can do when people need our help as the people do in Japan righ now. Thanks again.

fromtheworld said...

Thank you for what you wrote. I hope that awareness is raised, but it is very difficult to know what it is really going on, as news get easily manipulate....as they just said on the bbc news, only people who are there really know what it is going on.
I can't express how I feel. I can't see how the situation can improve from how things unfolded in the last days. I fear an explosion of the reactors, and then after the earthquake and the tsunami, this will destroy the people of Japan even more. It seems to watch a nightmare or a dramatic movie, but unfortunately it all happened and it is happening.