Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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I have been following the latest news on the BBC and discussing the issue of the nuclear power plants in Japan with my colleagues, all scientists. None of us unfortunately foresee how a further leak of radiation, if not even worst, can be avoid, even if we all hope for a miracle. Furthermore, the US today complained against the lack of proper information.
I feel that when it comes to nuclear power plant problems, the lack of updated corrected information is often the case. However, in this specific case, the whole country is already suffering so much on so many different sides that I don't even know how they can face all these problems at the same time. For a summary of what has been going on till now on this subject, I found this useful.
The prime minister of Japan advised the people who didn't leave the zone considered dangerous around the reactors to stay inside. These same people, after all what they already experienced, are left alone there to hope for the best, to worry for the worst. The latest news on the BBC reported that food and water is extremely limited already in the area and people interviewed said that they felt abandoned to their destiny, forgotten.
At the same time, inside the structure of each of the reactors of the nuclear power plants, people are working to try their best to avoid a catastrophe. These people are for me already heroes. They are risking their lives and they are already absorbing radiation to try to safe the situation. I want to be optimist, hope that everything will turn out to be not as bad as we fear. But it seems that every day something new is coming into the scenario, making things more and more difficult.
Now it started to snow and people in the shelters, the people who already lost everything, are hungry and thirsty and they feel cold. Like if they didn't suffer enough. I read that the couchsurf asked to the couchsurfers of Japan who are save and have a couch to host some of the people who lost their houses. It is a good initiative. I wish we could all do something. I feel impotent to just sit here, listening to the news, when my life and my worries are unimportant compared to what it is happening on the other side of the world.

Please, if you know of any good initiative to help from a distance, let me know.

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girl dreaming said...

I think the way you think of the situation, the way you care means so much. I know personally I am learning from you too, and if we all could care we can find a way to help. I'm still wondering how to help too. They had a rally here with information. The website is There is information but, I wish to do something different than giving money.