Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wanting to travel

I am not going to have a work contract in February.
I actually asked to my boss to start my new contract from March.
I work too much and this year that is coming to an end didn't bring me anything good in terms of work, despite the time I dedicate to it, the passion, and all the rest. At the same time, months and years pass by and if I don't take the chance to do what I always postpone, I may never have that chance.
I need a trip.
I don't need a holidays.
I need a trip and for a trip I mean traveling the way I like.

I am not sure on where to go.
I will have about a month. I would like to spend some days in the Netherlands. Why? Because the Netherlands is always good and I love being there.
Same goes for San Francisco.

Let's say that out of a month, I would have two weeks to myself for traveling (which may mean just going to a place I have never been before and exploring the place without moving around too much). I was looking on internet for some tips of places where a woman can travel alone without problems.

The thing is, I am a traveler. I have been to many places in the world. I got to this book called: "Fly Solo: The 50 Best Places on Earth for a Girl to Travel Alone".... I read the reviews of it. It is not for me. My idea of traveling has nothing to do with finding a party, or what to wear, or where it is fashionable to go. Furthermore, I wouldn't buy such a book to travel through Europe. What I am more thinking about is either going somewhere to scuba dive for an entire week or to go hiking somewhere, maybe in Costa Rica.

Here the characteristics that the place where I would like to go should have:

- Nature. Underwater, forest, mountain. It doesn't matter, as long as I am not going to spend two weeks in a city.
- I need a place which can be safe for a woman to travel and be alone.
- Not too expensive, otherwise I could not afford it.
- Not stressful. A place where people are helpful in case of need.
- I don't want to have to drive a car to go somewhere. I want a place where by public transportation I can get to the places I want to see.

I was thinking of going to Oregon and then from there down to San Francisco. There is plenty of nature in Oregon, but February may not be the best month to enjoy it and in the USA without a car you basically get it may not be a good choice.... :-(

I though of going scuba diving in the Cayman Islands....but it may be a bit too expensive....

I thought of going in some park in Costa Rica.........but if I am going to walk in the forest and see a lot of animals and get totally excited for it and happy, it would suck to not share that with someone whom I know would love that as well.

It is very very longtime that I want to walk in Patagonia.....but I am not sure this would be the right time and two weeks are not enough to do that.

Hard decision.....any suggestion, shared experience, warning, etc is more than welcomed!!!!


girldaydreaming said...

...follow your heart. what does your heart say? I have found that when I make up my mind to go some where, things start to fall into place (including money). Plus when you are doing what you love, you meet 'like minded' people, so you will have someone to share it with. how exciting, I can't wait to see what you decide. I imagine it has to be some place warm. Maybe the canary islands in Spain?

fromtheworld said...

The Canary Islands are so good. They have nature, sea, I could scuba dive there, do body board, look for animals. I have been to three of the Islands and I really like them. But they would bring back too many the Canary Islands, South Africa, and Greece are three places where for now I can't go again.
I was thinking about Turks and Caicos or the Cayman...I have to check out if it is very expensive to go and stay there for about 10 days.