Friday, December 10, 2010

Season of presents thinking/shopping

We are getting close to Christmas again. I have to admit not only that I love Christmas, the Christmas atmosphere, the family getting together (even if often my family getting together ends up in some kind of minor drama), etc, etc, but I also love the materialistic aspect of Christmas.

I am not at all a materialistic person, but I love to find small gift for the ones I love. The presents I chose are never too expensive or pretentious, but I love to walk around looking for inspiration thinking of what the recipients of my present may like and of what could make them happy.

However, there is one person for which getting a present is always a major source of stress, which resolved in the last years in never getting anything for him. My father. I remember when my sister and I were little and we were going with my mom to search for presents for him (when my parents were still together). There was never a way to make him happy. First, he likes expensive things and dislike the un-expensive ones. So, a sweater which was not from Armani or especially Missoni generally ended up hidden somewhere to be given some year later to my sister or I (still completely new) with the excuse that it was too tight for him.
Clothing was to avoid as a present to him.
Anything too expensive was to avoid due to my sister and mine financial limitations.
Anything we could think of that he may like, either he already has it (in the last model, the best type, the coolest one, etc, etc) or he actually doesn't like it so much.
Anything handmade is not appreciated at all.

So considering the last development of my tormented non-relationship with my father, this Christmas I felt I would have liked to try to find a small present for him again. I thought of getting him a CD of a group that he may like and he doesn't know yet. I thought of the Editors. The risk is that our present is going to be a flop again.

How can you find a present for someone who already has everything he may want or like?
Any smart idea???


girldaydreaming said...

hmmm, I understand what you mean. How about 2 tickets to a performance he might love... music, theatre, opera... or a subscription to an elegant magazine for men...

It's beautiful what you said about all that you love about the Christmas season.

I love all the sparkly lights and pretty colours and decorations. I love that it is a time of year when people remember kindness and sharing...

good luck with your gift choices:)

fromtheworld said...

Can you believe that I wouldn't know which show my father would like (this is how much we know each other). For sure he doesn't like opera and theater....the subscription to a magazine seems a good idea! Thanks!!!