Wednesday, June 2, 2010

sunny days

It is so nice the weather now, that I feel like spending a lot of time outside exercising. Since this is not possible during the week, because I am working a lot and I get home so tired that I have no energy to even change to go running, I started since a few weeks doing some exercises at home in the morning and in the evening when I get back from work. Of course, I also bike or walk or skate to work, but that for me doesn't count. I always do that.

It is very nice and very relaxing. On top of the mental benefits, I start to see some muscle definition in my spaghetti-arms (called spaghetti-arms after I heard this term from the olandesino (not referring to my arms), to indicate arms without muscles (exactly like mine)). NICE! I like muscled arms. I actually love them! So, it is my goal to get well-defined and toned arms by the end of the summer.

I started with some push-up and I still can't do more than 10 one after the other, but I am now able to do more repetitions, which is already a small satisfaction. This evening I did arm exercises, abs and butt exercises. I just take one random issue of Shape or Self magazines that I have here, look for some exercise that I can do at home and do 3 replicates of each. It doesn't take too long and it makes me feel good. I wish there would always be sun, it really motivates me to move more. And the more I exercise, the better I feel and the better my body look, and so the more motivated I feel to move more. Circular things!

Happy exercising to everybody!

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