Friday, June 18, 2010

Love, anger, affection, and nothing

I was just wonder: is anger toward a person better than nothing?

When a deep, tormented, happy, passionate love relationship is over, what does it remain?

I just came back from a work road trip that I shared with two other girls and of course, because of the hours spent in the car traveling, we had a lot of girl's talks.

One of us is in her 3rd year with a guy she loves, she is attracted too and everything. So all good. But she does still think about one of her ex-boyfriends. She said that he wasn't for her. She said that she is very happy with her current boyfriend. But she also said that while for her other ex-boyfriend she could just feel very happy when she heard that they moved on, for one of them she still has some sort of feelings. Not that she would like to have something with him again, because she is happy where she is with the person she is now. But she also said that she had such a passionate, intense, deep love with this guy, that even if it is over and since longtime, she can't still think of him with someone else without feeling a pain and she still thinks of him from time to time and wonders if it is better to feel a passionate, intense love, or a deep love and attachment. She just know that she is happy, but she wonders what there is still so much left over from her old relationship after so long.

And so we wondered what happened after we break up with someone with whom we had something very intense. Last summer I met an ex-boyfriend of mine. I loved him very deeply. He is the person who gave me again confidence in men, who tough me the meaning of love and happy relationship. At a certain point, when I realized that we wanted different things, I ended the relationship. It took me a bit to get over it, but I did. And now I think of him with love, affection, gratitude and I have a lot of good memories, but I am happy for him if he is happy and I am happy if he has someone else who makes him happy. When we met last summer, he told me that he was still angry at me. After about 6 years after the end of our relationship, he was still angry at me.

I couldn't believe it.

So, during these long trips in the car, us, three girls, we started to wonder about what we would like that our lost big loves would feel for us. I think that nothing is the worst thing of all the possible scenarios. Someone who for me meant so much and with whom I shared so much ending up feeling nothing for me. I guess that this may have something to do with my father, but I have a dreadful fear of just being easily replaced. I want to feel special and irreplaceable. I know that it may sound very childish, but I honestly would like that in the same way as I have special thoughts for the person with whom I had a very passionate, intense, deep relationship, this person also would keep me in his heart in a special place together with a lot of nice memories and thoughts about me.

It helped me to talk about these things with other girls. It helped me to feel that I am not the only one who questions herself, no matter if the others are single or with someone else. It didn't solve anything and it was still just a lot of girl's talk, but some time it is very comforting to feel that I don't come from another planet and that I am not that weird after all. Sometimes, it is very comforting to feel a sense of belonging.

Sometimes it would be very comforting to feel that all the love that we invested on someone, all the good things, how we used to be so special for each other, it is still there in some way and that we both keep a space in our heart for that special person who made us feel so much. I have this space in my heart. Childishly, I would like to be reassured that the people I loved so much, have it too for me.

PS. I think someone just peed on my balcony from the apartment above. They are having a party. I was watching a movie and I heard some liquid dropping in the bucket that I have on my balcony. I hope that it was just some beer and not really some pee, but I am not sure......BLEAH!

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