Thursday, July 26, 2012

Killing noise

My mom has a beautiful house that I love. I have always lived there until I left Italy to live and work abroad. It is still "home" for me, even if it is now about 11 years since I don't live there anymore.
I love it. It is cozy. It has a lot of light. It has a lot of space. It has a nice view on the hills. It has a lot of happy memories.

It is just impossible to sleep at night or during the day in my mom's house. Especially in the summer, when it is so hot that it would be nice to sleep with the windows open.
I am very sensitive to noise and since I started to live in a small village in Portugal, I am even more sensitive. I wake up at the minimum noise or I can't fall asleep if it is not very quite. Here, it is basically impossible to have anything close to something quite. The house is on a very transited road, so there are many cars passing by every single minute at every hour of night and day. And since we are in Italy, everything must be noisy, so people need to drive fast, speed up even on a town road and of course use the car honk any time they have a change. Plus, motorbikes and scooters are everywhere. And these can be even more noisy than the cars.

Basically, I got back from the Galapagos after two days of traveling. I spent two days completely jet-lagged in Portugal, during which I had so much work to catch up with that I couldn't really properly recover from the trip....I thought that, oh well, I will have plenty of time to sleep in Italy....and instead here it is so noisy that I am going around as a zombie all the time.....(I am not saying that people in Portugal do not shout or that they are is just very quite where I live most of the times...)

The thing is that I am really not used anymore to people speaking laud, laud noises, people shouting...I love living in a small, quite village in front of the Ocean right now. I love my mom's house, but I definitively miss the peace of my apartment, sitting in the kitchen and staring at the Ocean.

PS. I just read an article on the New Scientist today according to which women's brain may age faster than men's brain....the authors of the finding speculatively proposed that this could be correlated to the higher levels of stress observed in women.....  isn't that a lovely news??? I am sure that the lack of sleep and all this noise which I stand very badly will not help my brain's anti-aging process, unfortunately....

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