Monday, October 17, 2011

Sad, sad, sad, sad......

I am sad. I am definitively very sad. I spent many hours yesterday just crying.
The day of my departure from Montpellier to Portugal finally arrived.
And I cried, as expected of course.
I am going to miss some of the people I met and got close to here. I am going to miss them a lot.
I wish I could have a life in a place where I like and where I can also have a job and that all the people I miss who live around the world could come there and spend a lot of time with me.
I love sharing things with people who mean something in my life and once I move, it is never the same. Distance sucks. In friendship and romantic relationship. It just sucks.
I hate moving because of all the people I grew attached too and I have to leave behind. I bring them in my heart with me, but certainly it is not the same.
Every time, no matter where I live, it is always very painful to leave.

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