Sunday, September 11, 2011

Costa Rica

Planning, planning, planning. But this is fun.
I spent a couple of hours looking for scuba diving places and parks in Costa Rica. Thinking of what I would like to see while there, what I can't miss, how to get around, etc. It is very exciting and I am very looking forward to this trip......The more I read about, the more I feel I should stay there for some months, not just for three weeks....ok, three weeks is a beginning....but it looks like there are so many things to see and to do....many things that I would like to see and to do and the nature must be so beautiful there.
I am really enjoying this part of planning where to go and what to see when I will be there!

I am fidgety. I always am. I don't even know how to find some peace in myself for longer than just some minutes. For that, I need to be in a forest, on a beach staring at the sea, in a place without obstacles to the view, maybe in a desert. I need to be walking along Ocean Beach in San Francisco, or bike without scope, goal or a place to go in Holland. I am re-reading the book of Jovanotti "Il grande boh!", which is quite in line with the way I feel lately and right now and with the way I feel about this lonely trip to Costa Rica.

I think that I will take my bike and bike for some hours along the river till I will be very very tired but my mind will be more relaxed and clean of all the thoughts that are always there and they never leave me alone.

The first thing I will do when I will be based in Portugal will be to get a good bike to bike around.

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