Sunday, August 14, 2011

Packing, packing, packing

Here we are.....moving again...don't know if it is for good or not....but this is the way it is....The other day a guy wondered why I am so down about leaving here and moving again, as I should be used to this by now....this is after all pretty much as it has been for me in the last 10 years.
But I am not used to this and moving didn't get easier and easier with time. It just actually got harder. I was just starting to put my roots here. I have some very good friends here (a few days ago, I just skipped one afternoon at work, to spend it all with one of these good friends of mine), I love the fact that my life here doesn't depend on a car and I car bike everywhere, I have my favorite bookstore (which is a very important life essential for me), my favorite bakery, my favorite beach place, I like the people I am working with, and even if I am not totally crazy about Montpellier, I do like it here and I did like spending the last three years here.

I am a bit blue in these days because of this moving.

And I hate, deeply hate, to see all my books in boxes. I have a very few material things in my life, exactly because I keep moving all the time, and I developed a profound attachment to these material books are among these things. And I hate to have them in boxes, it makes me feel like if a part of me was in a cage.

I am also excited about starting a new life in a new country, learning a new language, spending time with some very good friends I already have there. But is a change that I would have honestly avoided right now. But the job market is currently so bad, and this new job may represent a good opportunity for me that I can't be too picky. I will have to come here often, as I will keep collaborating for work with people here, and to visit some of my friends, but it will not be the same. And I will miss my apartment. I really like the cozy nest that I made for myself. It is just me and when I step in here, every time I truly feel home. I was the same when I was leaving in the USA. Leaving my apartment was very very hard, as I liked a lot and I loved living there.

I will be ok and I am sure that I will find things to love about my new place and my new life, but it is always hard to leave people I love and my current life (as it has been in the last three years) behind and start new again. For sure my life is never, ever boring, as it changes so much, all the time!

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