Monday, June 13, 2011

I love Italy

I am so proud of being Italian.
Especially right now. Especially today.
We just had a referendum yesterday and today to vote, among other things,for the abrogation of the law about building new power plants in Italy. And the large majority (at this moment it seems to be above 90%) of the people who went to vote at the referendum voted for the abrogation of the law. So, no nuclear power plants in Italy. And this morning Berlusconi finally admitted that Italy should start to invest in alternative energy sources. I guess that it was about time!!!!
And I would add the need of a better education on how to save energy to begin with. It would be helpful to everybody to know how to reduce the electricity bill, but also how to actively do something for the environment.

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girl dreaming said...

what a wonderful step towards being more and more enviormentally healthy! i learn when i read your words... thanks!