Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The most beautiful thing

I love nature. I love anything to do with nature. It is my thing. Or at least, one of my things.

I recently bought from Amazon two BBC dvds with David Attenborough speaking. This guy has the best voice for a story teller and the stories he tells in any of the BBC videos in which he is starring are amazing. I can't find a better word than amazing.

I just saw the first dvd of "Life in the undergrowth" and I realized a couple of times that I was staring at the screen watching the video with my mouth wide open. Animals are incredible. Incredible doesn't even give the minimal ideas of the diversity and beauty that exists on this planet. And every time I look at a video like this, I can't avoid to feel very very little and very very insignificant. I may be here, with my computer on internet writing some random bla, bla, bla, but what some animals evolved out there for the weirdest reasons, to make them better suited and more successful in the environment in which they live, it is just behind imagination.

There was one scene in this video that was about a spider guarding his eggs, cleaning them and taking care of them. The entire scene is amazing. And then thinking that it was not fiction, but that it really happens, just out there somewhere and that there is one of the billion of wonderful things going on in this makes me just feel like wow!

I imagine that this post can sound very boring to anyone who is not so crazy about nature and animals as I am....but believe me, for me, every time that I take the time to look at one animal, to spend some time outdoor, that I have any chance to get in touch with some nature....I just go "wow" and feel very little and insignificant (but not in a bad or negative way). Now I am just still in the "wow" mood....

PS. I never imagined that snails mating could be so romantic!

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