Friday, August 24, 2012

I don't understand how this keeps happening

...people getting on the street, in a mall, at a convention and start randomly shooting and killing others.

I don't get how in a civilized country like the USA this keeps happening. What is it? is the third time this year already?

I don't understand how someone can just freely possess a gun and use it to randomly shoot around.....Yes, it does happen also in other countries, but how often? once every many years? yes, the USA is a big country, so statistically the chance of something like this happening is higher than for smaller places....but still. It is unacceptable....

I am so sad and shocked for this news that I just read about what happened in NY. I am not American, so I am probably not able to understand the gun law and I am a pacifist, so of course anything having to do with violence is very far from my way to look at things.....but how can something like this be normal or be part of normal life? how can a crazy person possess a gun and shoot people around??? how??? can someone explain this concept to me? because I really don't get it.

Btw....and today they also decided about another crazy, evil person...21 years in prison is nothing...they should put him there and throw the keys least they judged him "mentally normal" so that he could be convicted to these 21 years in prisons, which is still better than nothing....

And about this general topic, I just saw a good movie with a good message Runaway Jury

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