Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My first tornado warning

Gosh if I was scared.....I was so scared that I honestly quite panicked through the whole thing.

We started having these warnings, my cellphone beeping with messages saying that we had a high risk of floods. People telling me what to do in case of tornadoes. The rain battering the windows like crazy. Hailstones, powerful wind. And lightening. So much and so strong that it felt like someone was switching on and off the light in my apartment.

I have been told to prepare water, a pillow, and a blanket in the bathroom, the only room with no windows and more protected from the outside. And to go hiding in the bath in case of an actual tornado warning.

I had everything prepared and then I tried to go to sleep. It was night. I couldn't close my eyes. Between the lightening, the hailstones that I thought would crash the windows, the wind, the rain, and the fear I had in me, I couldn't sleep even for a minute.

Nothing happened, at least not exactly where I live. But there have been places flooded and people that got stuck somewhere because of the weather.

Definitively not a pleasant experience, especially to face alone.
And apparently this is nothing compared to the actual tornadoes and the hurricanes.

Lovely :-(

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