Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Heading South

So long, so long, so long since I wrote something here last many things happened.
Mostly, I got married and I am moving South.

Not South of here (Portugal), but South of the USA. Another move, another life, another adventure.

I should report from there. I should have written more from here and about here.....but when life gets crazy, it is not easy to find the time to sit down and write....I rather prefer to go outside running and relaxing.

I am going to miss running along the Ocean. I am going to miss this Ocean beach. I am going to miss Portuguese octopus and Portuguese bread. I am going to miss the farmer market with so many cool old people. I am going to miss the peace and the feeling of safety at whatever time of the day that I can enjoy here.

Despite this, I am ready to leave. Working here was a frustrating, unsuccessful experience and although life is not too bad, I have felt very lonely and disconnected. Plus, the olandesino living next door from me also doesn't help my peace of mind.

I should definitively take some pictures of the things/places I love here before leaving this place.....

I am scared and excited for this new change. Some days more scared, some days more excited.....

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