Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I do miss Italy a lot

I watched a movie yesterday, Eat Pray Love. Beside that I don't get how the book (which I didn't read) and the movie could have had so much success, since the story doesn't seem very interesting to me, beside that, there was one scene in the movie in which I couldn't help but crying.

It is when Julie Roberts is in Italy and cooks for everyone, her friends and the family of one of this friends. This reminded me a lot of my mom, my mom's place in Italy, how she can make everyone feeling welcome at her place and how happy and familiar and so precious to me all the moments spent at the table eating together or in the kitchen talking. I grew up in my mom's kitchen. Or at least I recall a lot of happy, family moments always to be linked to her kitchen.

I do miss Italy a lot, because I am very proud of all the beautiful things we have (even if we are not very good at preserving and praising them), but I especially miss my family incredibly a lot, and every time I have to move again for work, I think if the new place where I will be will be easy enough to reach to allow me to spend a lot of time with my family. It is so difficult to be far from them and not being part of their daily normal life.


girldaydreaming said...

the connection you have with your family and friends and the time spent in the kitchen sounds beautiful... it feels like it is such an important part of life. i never really had this kind of family connection, but still i miss it...

eat pray love, i have thought about. i read the book and saw the movie. the book was better than the movie, but one could still ask what's all the fuss about. i think because so many people are unhappy with their lives and marriages they found a connection in this writer's story. (just my opinion on it).

fromtheworld said...

The time I spent in my mom's kitchen with her, my grandmas, my sister, etc is something that I value a lot. All my friends always loved to come to my mom's place because they felt home too. My mom is amazing in making everyone feeling home. Even now.
I am not a big fun of eating, but I praise a lot the atmosphere that often we had around meals in my family. My mom's kitchen and the meals with my family and friends in Italy at my mom's place are among the happiest memories I have in my life.
Concerning the movie/book. I think that your opinion is correct in explaining why so many people like it. But then what? is it that people would like to take a trip around the world to find themselves like she did and they don't find the motivation or the courage to do and so they like the movie/book because they can live their dreams of escape and new life through her experience?
In any case...I think that if things in her year trip went like it is shown in the movie, she was also very very lucky. I travel a lot and I move all the time from one place to another and it is not really that easy to connect to people in such a deep way as she did it in a few months in each place.